Noelle McNeil
"Heaven Exists"

Tragedy may happen to anyone of us at anytime, what you do with it determines who you are. ~ Noelle McNeil in Heaven Exists

Noelle McNeil

Educators: Looking for the perfect presentation on bullying; depression; risk taking behaviors?  Look no further. Noelle McNeil, author of Heaven Exists, and survivor of a traumatic brain injury is a 25 year old woman who speaks from the heart to audiences of all ages about her experiences.

Noelle uses a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate her journey, from the coma, to the wheelchair, and finally to walking and functioning independently.

Noelle also presents at faculty meetings. She is a motivational speaker, and offers hope and insight for professionals on dealing with adversity, and the power of positive thinking.

"Energy Can neither be created or Destroyed"
~ Law of Conservation of Energy ~

Are you getting tired of mopping up the same behavioral problems over and over again?  My focus is on behavioral solutions. Our proactive focus is on the behavior of the bystanders in bullying situations.

Everyone is a bystander and that is why we focus on their behavior and educating them through character education on our complacent-complicity theory.

We have put together a school wide anti bullying school assemblies for all ages starting at the primary level to high school.
Bullying is a community problem so we also offer keynote presentations for teachers, parents and the community at large.

I have integrated character education exercises that promotes kindness, communication, cooperation, and friendship and includes lessons and activities stressing empathy and conflict resolution skills for all students together with mentoring programs, teacher tools,  bullying surveys  and  reporting systems  to aid and educate students in speaking up.

Please contact Noelle McNeil on her website at; or via e-mail at for more information or to schedule an anti-bullying or motivational speaking engagement. Thank You!!!