Noelle McNeil
"Heaven Exists"

Tragedy may happen to anyone of us at anytime, what you do with it determines who you are. ~ Noelle McNeil in Heaven Exists

Congratulations Noelle McNeil for graduating with honors from Monmouth University May 2010!!!


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Noelle McNeils Book is now available at Two Rivers Bookstore in Fair Haven, NJ

Attention School Board Administrators and Educators:

Educators: Looking for the perfect presentation on bullying; depression; risk taking behaviors?  Look no further. Noelle McNeil, author of Heaven Exists, and survivor of a traumatic brain injury is a 25 year old woman who speaks from the heart to audiences of all ages about her experiences. Noelle uses a Power Point presentation to demonstrate her journey, from the coma, to the wheelchair, and finally to walking and functioning independently.

Noelle also presents at faculty meetings. She is a motivational speaker, and offers hope and insight for professionals on dealing with adversity, and the power of positive thinking.

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Channel 9 news also recently did an interview that aired on their news broadcast in April 2010. Watch it on Youtube.

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Noelle McNeil's Brief Biography

Life has changed dramatically for Little Silver resident Noelle McNeil, whose recovery from a near-fatal accident is chronicled in her inspirational new book called Heaven Exists.

"I really do feel like an 84-year-old woman in a 25-year-old's body," McNeil said. Her book, "Heaven Exists," was published on Aug. 31 2009 and is available for purchase online at, Barnes & Nobleand Outskirts Press Book Publishers.

McNeil now speaks at venues where she feels she can have a positive impact by sharing her story and hopes to pursue a career as a motivational speaker following graduation.

Only three percent of DAI victims make any recovery at all, and only one percent makes a significant recovery.  Her heartfelt and earnest story of the long and arduous recovery is nothing short of miraculous, while Noelle’s drive, faith and courage are an inspiration to all. 

Humor, engaging, empathetic, uplifting, sometimes heartbreakingly poignant, offering philosophical wisdom
“I feel it was my calling to tell my story so that other young women who are struggling to be physically perfect may hear how empty this pursuit can be.  I also hope to inspire others who may be facing tragedy, or horrific circumstances in their lives.” 

With incredible fortitude, the support and love of her family, and what she clearly believes is some divine intervention, this vibrant young woman walked to accept her diploma when she graduated with honors from Monmouth University in May 2010.

Noelle McNeil



Click on video to watch Noelle McNeil's favorite song ~ Travis Tritt "Great Day to be Alive"
~ A song that sums up Noelle McNeil's view on life post accident



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